6 Ways You Can Take Your Content Upmarket

6 Ways You Can Take Your Content Upmarket

The majority of businesses desire to go upmarket and expand their operations, including SaaS companies. There are a lot of benefits to transitioning your business to a high-end sector. Apart from achieving revenue stability, given numerous consumers willing to spend more money, financial incentives are available too where you can make comparatively more money with fewer customers. There are companies just starting out in the industry and gradually moving up the ladder and performing better than the businesses already there in the market for decades. However, this all does not happen overnight. One needs to weigh in the risks and associated effects and decide accordingly. And If you are determined to transform your business for good and move upmarket, it is recommended that you improve your content strategy. Mentioned below are some ways in which you can adjust your marketing and content strategy and take your business upmarket.

1. Redefine target customers

Figuring out your ideal customer base is one of the most important things for SaaS companies to move upmarket, but it can be quite challenging. Anyone interested in buying your products should not be a priority, instead what may benefit your company is the right set of people investing money into your business. Define and target your quality customers. This can translate into a bigger change that may help your company gain profits in the longer run. Having redefined customer profiles give you an edge over other companies in the market, for quality is much more important than quantity.

2. Expand operations

Initially, small startups have limited resources to work with. As a result, most of the time, it is the employees and even founders themselves who are involved in the content strategy team for the company. When you enter into the bigger market, you aim for large companies and more reliable customers. Many strategies that you used earlier will not remain relevant. Henceforth, you need content that targets the new audience and addresses them directly to reach the global market. Expanding the company’s footprints and attracting a global audience is the key to taking your business upmarket.

3. Improve SEO strategy

SEO-optimized content really makes a difference. It doesn’t just rank your content higher in search results, but also gives you the desired clout. As you think of taking the risk of revamping your entire business and moving upmarket, having a new and updated SEO strategy can work wonders. You can include the latest and trendy keywords in your content that are relevant to the aim of your company as well. Apart from that, you can analyze the interactions on your company’s website to get a deeper understanding of customer engagement. There are multiple third-party apps that can be used for analytics to determine what resonates with your target audience.

4. Do not overspend

While it is necessary that one keeps an experienced team and spends the required money on content creation, it is equally important to not go overboard. You can hire content marketing experts and let them decide if there is a need to hire other people in the team for content creation, such as freelance writers. Additionally, the content should be planned in advance to avoid a last-minute rush, which may also lead to spending extra.

5. Maintain authenticity

One may have heard of new startups being applauded for quality and relatable content, while larger companies rarely get the same appreciation. What makes these new startups stand out is their ability to retain the personal and authentic touch in their brand stories and content they put out. Buyers will always be more inclined to the content that resonates well with them, regardless of the size of the company. Try to build trust amongst customers by being as relatable to them as possible. Furthermore, let writers be creative by giving them the time and space they need.

6. Deal with the bottom of the funnel

Prospects that are interested in purchasing from you need special attention. You can address them in a variety of ways that include showcasing case studies that may help prospective clients who are interested in your product to have a look at how it has worked for other buyers. One can also hold webinars and other sessions for better clarify of potential buyers. Furthermore, e-books and industry reports can greatly impact sales outcomes too.

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It can be daunting to make up your mind about taking your business upmarket, however, it can be equally satisfying and relieving when you successfully manage to do it and get to reap benefits associated with it. These tips can help you in your journey to transforming your company for good