Privacy Policy

WriteBuddy.online is a provider of content services. On our home page and respective services pages, customers can find more information and details about the services we provide. WriteBuddy is based in Canada.

In this privacy policy, we will describe which customer data WriteBuddy.online collects in detail, the reasons why we collect that data and how we use it. We will also outline the cases in which we share the provided data and when, as well as how we manage any type of content or information you upload to our website.

Throughout this privacy policy, the term ‘personal information’ will be used. This term denotes any type of identifying information that serves to identify an individual user or information that is connected to a user that was previously identified.

We advise that all users carefully review the rest of this document. After reading, these guidelines will help you get a better understanding of our privacy practices when it comes to personal information. Our privacy policy is applied to all website visitors, customers and all users who submit data that might be considered personal.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

From time to time, we might deem it necessary to update our privacy policy. That is why we encourage all users, website visitors and customers to review our privacy every time they use our services or request a task from our website. At the top section of this document, you will find a date that states when the privacy policy was last updated. This will help you know whether there have been any changes to the privacy policy since the last time you visited it.

In case there are important or impactful changes to the privacy policy, this kind of notification will be made public on our home page or through other channels for regular users. However, WriteBuddy retains the right to do this at our discretion. If you want to be absolutely sure that there have been no changes to the privacy policy, the best way to do so is to review this page once again.

Information Provided by Customers

According to this agreement, there are several ways in which a customer can voluntarily provide personal information to WriteBuddy.

1. When you submit a project, you can share personal data as a customer. The process of submitting a project requires that customers share their name or company name, location, email address, phone number and other data. Customers can also create an account using a username and a password. In some cases, customers can also share their business URL or other information related to their business, depending on the type of services they receive.

2. During communication with WriteBuddy, customers will typically share their name and other contact information such as email address or phone number. Website visitors and users can share this information without forming a business relationship with WriteBuddy.

3. For users who apply to our website to work as employees, contractors or content creators, information contained in their resumes or CV will be retained when submitted during the application process. WriteBuddy advises potential employees and contractors to provide only relevant employment information, i.e. information related to education and work background. We advise potential employees or contractors not to share any financial information, information on religion or political beliefs, height or weight. 

4. In cases where you provide content for WriteBuddy for any reason, the company will use the personal information that you have provided for the purposes of identifying you as the content creator. We can use this data and contact information to reach out to you regarding that piece of content, or regarding any pending payments, if there are any. However, unsolicited content is not eligible for payment.

Data and Information We Collect

When users visit WriteBuddy.online, we collect data such as IP address, device type or other pieces of information that help us improve the quality of our service. This information is also used to analyze and monitors the performance of our website or to aid in any troubleshooting issues. We also collect and retain anonymous, aggregate data, as well as any information related to the use of our website, only for our own statistical and analytical purposes. At our discretion, we may also share anonymous data with third parties.

WriteBuddy cooperates with third-party technology services providers which can use web beacon technologies, code and images that allow them to provide website optimization and content management services. When information is collected for these purposes, it can never be identified and tied to a single user.

Profiling of Customers and Automation of Decision-Making

In our contractual relationships and employer-employee relationships, we use automated decision-making and profiling for better management. We also use this information to generate relevant answers to questions sent to our customer support team. We can change or add algorithms which can alter the basis of our automated decision-making processes.

Customer Personal Information Rights

Every customer on WriteBuddy.online has certain rights related to their personal information shared and stored on our website:

  • Obtaining all personal information our website stores about you. 

  • Filing requests that we change or mend any inaccurate information that we have stored about your account.

  • Filing a request that we delete a part or all of your personal customer information. We can do this is cases where retaining personal information is not required of us or in instances in which a customer withdraws data processing consent.

  • Filing an objection against the use of your personal information for marketing purposes or statistical analysis.

  • Requesting that we provide your personal information to you in a portable format or that we transfer your information to a third party. WriteBuddy will do this except in cases where the ability to do this is limited because of possible data compromising for other users and visitors.

  • Restricting data processing of your personal information.

  • Submitting complaints or concerns that are related to how your personal information is handles, or submitting complaints against our privacy policy. 

Every customer has the right to withdraw personal information processing consent at any moment. However, all data processing and storing that has been made before that point are considered compliant and lawful.

For customers who want to demand any of the rights related to data processing, they can contact the WriteBuddy.online customer support team.