You’ve Hired a Freelance Writer: Now What?

You’ve Hired a Freelance Writer: Now What?

You’ve hired a freelance writer. That’s a great idea. Most business owners have better things to do than write copy. Congratulations on leaving this task to the experts. There’s nothing else for you to do, right?

Wrong! You’ve invested good money in this. Now, you need to make sure you get the most value out of the experience. It’s up to you to help ensure that this is a fruitful partnership. The tips below were written to help you give your freelancer the best chance at making your business shine.

They Have to Get  Your Brand

Your writer could be a top, subject-matter expert, or a great researcher. That’s wonderful, but only part of the equation. You need your writer to truly understand your branding, and that’s something only you can teach them. 

Start by giving them a detailed breakdown of your target audience. Next, give them access to your web pages, social media content, and blog. This will help them understand the branding persona. Finally, give them clear and direct instructions about the tone and phrasing you want them to use. For example, your branding might be a good fit for humorous, tongue-in-cheek content.

A Sample is Extremely Helpful

Sometimes, the best help you can give a writer is to simply send them an example. Maybe you had a piece go viral last year? Or, you just have something that you think really nails your products and services. Feel free to send these to your writer. Just be sure you tell them what to do. They’ll wonder if they are supposed to mimic the writing style, take the information as reference, or simply for inspiration.

Have Them Submit a Rough Sample

Of course, samples go both ways! Before your writer gets too deep into their first project, ask them to forward you an early sample. You don’t need much. A paragraph or so is plenty. Even an outline will give you a good idea of what to expect. Ideally, you’ll be thrilled with what you see. If not, it’s better to have them change things now than after they’ve completed a lengthy piece.

Be There When They Call

It’s so important to form a communicative relationship with your freelancer. The faster you respond to their questions, the better the final product. You’ll get your content on time, and it will align with your expectations. Try this! Set aside 30 minutes or so each day to catch up with your writer, and see if they need anything from you.

Don’t Pull The Rug Out From Underneath Them

By rug, we mean project scope. Yes, sometimes changes are inevitable. In most cases they are not. Be absolutely certain about what you want, before you release a project to them. If you must change things up, be patient. This will likely mean a change in deadline, and the cost of the work being done.

Final Thoughts

Your freelance writer counts on their reputation to get ahead. They want to make you happy with the content you produce. Ideally, they’d love to add you as a long term client. Stick to the tips listed here. You’ll build a great relationship with your freelancer. Even better, you’ll be able to count on them for engaging content.